Most of us share decent values. Many of us have better-than-decent ideas. But only one candidate in this race brings combined vision, values, ideas, and working relationships with constituents from literally all walks of life in Olympia. This is what it takes to do the people’s work in Olympia.

For years, as a community advocate, ambassador, writer and catalytic leader, Renata has shown her love for Olympia, serving as a bridge between the people and City Hall.

As a social worker she leads with knowledge of solutions to the most pressing issue we face—the housing and homelessness emergency—and the need for long-term as well as stop-gap solutions to make our community safe. As one of the first Downtown Ambassadors, she walks her talk for a safe and welcoming downtown everyone can enjoy. As your council member, she will work for a safe, connected and fun Olympia, with dignity and opportunity for all. 

Renata worked in a variety of fields including journalism, public relations and team management, before becoming a social worker and community outreach professional working primarily in downtown Olympia. She is vice chair and past chair of the board of Partners in Prevention Education, a local nonprofit serving young survivors of violence who are homeless, LGBTQ, or street-dependent. She has founded numerous local groups dedicated to bridging diverse communities in Olympia including the Outreach Workers League, Well Wishers, and Just Housing, which she helped organize through the winter of 2017.

In our local and national political climate of rising unrest and inequity, Renata is the candidate with the experience, credibility and accountability to diverse communities. She will help Olympia come together so we can grow together.

Renata was raised in a union family, and if elected, would be the first openly LGBTQ woman elected to serve on Olympia City Council. She lives in the Northeast neighborhood with her partner, Walker; their friend and landlord, Katie; and their dog, rabbit, and flock of chickens. When she’s not directly working on community issues, Renata enjoys yoga, biking, walking, writing, reading, spending time downtown, car camping, and being with family and friends.

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