FYI, there is NO #OlyCouncil meeting tonight. However, tomorrow (Wednesday) there is an interjurisdictional meeting on Sea Level Rise at City Hall 5:30-7:30pm, an informational workshop for Olympia City Council, the Port of Olympia commissioners, and LOTT representatives.

This is a public meeting, though there is no public comment period scheduled -- the main point is to get the 3 jurisdictions at one meeting, for the first time since I've been on board, and get on the same page regarding where things are at right now.

There IS public comment at the various sea level rise community workshops (which have occurred and will continue to!)

By the way, did you know there is a phone app called #OlyConnects that has the city calendar, news releases, and a way to request service? I haven't used it much yet but I think we should all get on it... there's potential there. It is one example of the city staff producing more venues for news sharing, outreach and communication.
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"And the last shall be first." (The speech I wish I'd given)

I wish I'd said more, differently, at my first council meeting last night. I was running on too little sleep, and my immune system was working overtime. Like a lot of people I know. I'm gonna have to get better at this. I'm gonna need your help, your goodwill and your prayers.

I wish I'd said how a year ago I was out where you are, out in the audience, waiting to speak during public comment, scared for the wellbeing of my friends and neighbors, and angry at the system that has created such injustice over broad spans of time and space.

Like many of you in the audience tonight, last fall and winter I reached out to the representatives of my local government, the Olympia City Council--the nearest level of government we have--not because I thought they could "solve" homelessness. But because I had a deep conviction that we need to understand and live community in a different way.

Today, I'm still scared, and yes, I'm still angry. But I have a new faith in this Beloved Community. And I know more than ever this truth: that the wellbeing of our community depends on the wellbeing of everyone. If one person is suffering, we are all suffering.

That is a fairly universally acknowledged (if not universally lived) truth. The sibling truth, though, is that in order to reduce suffering for all, we must start with the needs of those most suffering, most marginalized, most on the outside. We must start with the needs of the least and the lowest.

We start with the needs of the least and the lowest, not because they are better or more important people -- although famous mystics and philosophers, including Jesus Christ, might say so. We start with the needs of the least and the lowest, because we insist -- against all evidence to the contrary -- that ALL are equal.

We start with the needs of the least and the lowest, because our charge is not to build something that trickles down. Our charge is to build something that lifts up.

In 2018, in Olympia, we are building something that lifts up. We are building another community, another reality, another world. We are building a community with room for all, a world where many worlds fit.

Together we can bring the floor to the sky. <3


3 months ago

Renata Rollins for Olympia City Council


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